Defined By Performance

What our customers are saying.....

  1. I was extremely impressed with the fit and finish of the pistol. If that wasn’t enough, I then saw what tiny little groups these pistols could produce. I knew I had to have one. Paul built me a 6” limited gun that rapidly moved me up the classification scale.
    Steven Zerwas
  2. Unbelievable reliability, I am fortunate enough to have this guy in my corner and with-out Grundhauser Gun Works I don't think I would be where I am today. Thanks for the fastest, smoothest gun or should I say guns!
    John Koppi
  3. Its like taking the hottest chick to prom! I love my LDC 5 and couldn't be happier, the gun hasn't had a single issue and eats Montana Golds like they are M&M's and the more I shoot it the more I love it!
    Ryan Westphal
  4. I love my Grundhauser Gun Works 6 " pistol, it runs like a Rolex and as smooth as glass with Atlanta Arms ammo! It looks like jewelry in my Double Alpha holster and shoots double alphas too, its only limitation is the guy behind the trigger.
    Tom Krebsbach