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How to Order
To place a firearm order please contact us at 952-479-4117 Ext: 223 Tuesday-Friday 10a-3:30p central time.
If all lines are busy you will have the option to leave a message. PLEASE leave a message, it will automatically be sent to our computer and cell phones, at which time someone will contact you usually within 30 minutes.

Deposits & Payments
We will take as little as $1,000 US down on a custom firearm build. We use this money to secure your frame, barrel and slide so there is no delays in manufacturing your new firearm.

We accept personal and business Checks (please allow 7 days to clear bank), CASH and Credit Cards from American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Payments by credit card are processed through eProccessing an exclusive gun friendly entity which is endorsed by the NRA.

All changes to your order MUST be on the Work Order. Please DO NOT think an Email of changes will be sufficient. You must contact us and receive an updated Work Order to be valid. All work is processed off the Work Order and if its not on it it wont be performed.

Lead Times
Current times can be found HERE .

What to Expect
Once your order is placed it will be queued up on the 16th day (After the 15 day right to withdraw period) and placed in line for manufacturing.

We ask for you consideration and patience during the build time, we are just as excited as you are. Rest assured WE WILL CONTACT YOU once we mock assemble and test fire your firearm, usually just before sending out for plating. From there we will have an estimated date for shipping your new firearm.


I the undersigned understand and agree the following statements.

1) Grundhauser Gun Works. will not ship any item which may be considered illegal to posses in your state! You will comply with all State, Federal and Local laws for your state. You will need a permit when required and a valid driver’s license to purchase a firearm. You must be 21 years of age to purchase a handgun and 18 years of age for long guns.

2) “Pre Ban” style rifles cannot be sold to the following states: California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.
3) All firearms must be shipped to an FFL holder in your state. In most cases, when you receive your firearm a NICS back-ground check will be performed.

4) We can only ship to another FFL holder when purchasing your new firearm online. Grundhauser Gun Works highly suggests finding a transfer agent before you purchase a firearm.

5) While knowledge of, and compliance with, state and local laws is primarily the responsibility of the buyer, Grundhauser Gun Works will not sell magazines with a capacity greater than proscribed limits to civilian customers in those jurisdictions where a state or local ordinances prohibits a sale and/or possession of these items. DO NOT purchase if your state does not allow.

6) We will NOT ship magazines exceeding lawful limits to civilian customers in California (10 round limit), Hawaii (10 round limit), Massachusetts (10 round limit), New York (10 round limit), New Jersey (15 round limit), Maryland (20 round limit), Washington DC ( 12 round limit) and Ohio ( 31 round limit). Law enforcement and government orders from these jurisdictions are subject to specific documentation requirements, and limited to official purchases only.

7) Product pictures are provided as a convenience to our customers. Because of manufacture differences pictures may not accurately depict the NEW product you receive. They are meant to assist in making a decision to buy a product. Quite often, items shown in the picture will not be included with the product listed in the description. IE: Scopes, Sights, Lasers, Flash lights ect. We reserve the right to correct the erroneous pictures and descriptions that are found to be incorrect.

8) All credit card transactions whether reversed or cancelled because of customer error maybe subject to re-stocking fee of $5.00. Please read about your Right to Withdraw

9) We ask for your patience during these unprecedented times, we are making every attempt to fill orders as soon as possible.

10) My transmission of this application as an “electronic record” containing my “electronic signature,” as those terms are defined in applicable federal and/or state laws (excluding audio and video recordings), or my facsimile transmission of this application containing a facsimile of my signature, shall be as effective, enforceable and valid as if a paper version of this application were delivered containing my original written signature.

Right of Withdrawal
You may cancel your custom firearm order up to 15 days after making the first deposit. After the 15th day you will be responsible for the final payment upon completion and if not received with-in 90 days thereafter the item on said order will be forfeited to Grundhauser Gun Works and re-sold at a later date. Only after the said item is sold shall we return the deposit less re-sale costs if any.

Firearm Returns
There is NO returns on firearms

Merchandise Returns
All returns must be new, unused, uninstalled, in original packaging and within 30 days of purchase. 30 days is strictly adhered to. All returns will be issued a gift certificate for the value paid for the product. If you choose you can request a 20% re-stocking fee and a credit card refund, any return without this request is automatically issued as a gift certificate. Just send the product back that meets these guidelines with our return form and a copy of the invoice (you can print a copy by logging into your account) and once it passes inspection it will be processed promptly.