Defined By Performance

  1. Grundhauser Gun Works LDC5
  2. Grundhauser Gun Works F3 1911
  3. Grundhauser Gun Works VP9 Open Gun
How we do it

At Grundhauser Gun Works every firearm is meticulously machined & built one at a time, hand fitted and tuned by a master craftsman. Each firearm is a unique precision custom piece, NOT a painted assembly line unit.
Grundhauser Gun Works is the premier builder for World Champions, National Champions and top competition shooters alike. Highly sought after, Grundhauser Gun Works has become synonymous with the finest quality of firearms for Competition, Tactical and Personal Protection use.

See What Others Are Saying...
“Your pistol has been absolutely flawless and it has quickly become a tool I can lean on. Until now I’ve only survived the pistol portions of 3-gun matches. Thanks again for your amazing work and excellent customer service!”
     -Nathan Payne
“Paul's meticulous attention to detail keeps this blaster running at top form! Why wait for something to fail at a major match when it could easily be mitigated through preventative maintenance.”
    -Jake Latola
  1. Justin Johnson
    Burning it up with his Grundhauser Gun Works F3
  2. Justin Johnson
    Testing the Grundhauser Gun Works F3
  3. Steven Zerwas at World Shoot 2014
    Steven running his Grundhauser Gun Works LDC 5 nicknamed "Rat"
  4. Steven Zerwas World Shoot 2014
    Steven driving his Grundhauser Gun Works LDC 5 nicknamed "Rat", weak handed.
  5. Steven Zerwas
    Gunning with his Grundhauser Gun Works LDC 5
  6. Eric Foster
    Shooting the Grundhauser Gun Works Master 6
  7. Steven Zerwas